Custom Wardrobes Brisbane: Northside and Southside

Being able to customize your wardrobe to suit your own personal space and desire is what we do best.

Fully Customised wardrobes – include the fit out; doors and layout design.
We cater to all budgets – from the glamorous with coloured unique boards and the latest gizmos and accessories – to the budget builders range for quicker turnaround.

We can also build form new or modify existing structures.

When it comes to styles, our clients are often amazed by the choices available today—from more traditional looks to glass or mirrored wardrobe doors. Are you going for a classic, cottage-style look? A wardrobe door in clear, tinted or frosted glass for a more modern statement? Or would your ideal wardrobe door simply blend as discreetly into the room as possible? It’s about what works best with (1) the style you already have—or want to have—in any particular space; (2) practical considerations such as the size of the room; and (3) how much you want to spend to stay comfortably within your budget. The important thing to know is that you have far more options than you think.

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