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There are so many advantages to installing glass shower screens it’s almost hard to imagine choosing anything else. It’s a smooth, virtually invisible surface that’s easy to clean; it’s a great way to show off beautiful tiling inside the shower; it’s compatible with any bathroom design scheme, and so much more. At Wardrobes and Shower Screens we absolutely love shower screens.


Allow us to introduce you to a new world of creative, functional and expressive choices when it comes to today’s wardrobe doors. With a wide array of materials and forms to choose from, we can help you navigate the choices and transform any kind of wardrobe—whether built-in or standalone—into a decorative accent that can actually transform the look and feel of a room.


People have so many options today in splashbacks, and while tile and stone remain very popular options, our customers are often amazed by the versatile looks and easy maintenance of glass splashbacks. Meanwhile, with so many choices to consider, the glass splashback price is also a consideration—so use our expertise to help you figure out how to get what you want at a price you can afford.


The well-appointed built-in wardrobe has become a must-have in the modern Australian home. Whatever your needs, Wardrobes and Shower Screens can build, expand or update built-in wardrobes for seamless functionality.


When it comes to wardrobe door types, functionality is key. Choosing the right wardrobe door for your setting, usage and space depends on a number of factors.

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